Back at the beginning of March 2008, I was in Switzerland. I’m sure you already know this so I won’t go on about it. I went purely to experience proper wintry conditions and Mother Nature (bless her) didn’t let me down. When I arrived, there was any snow at all, but literally hours after my arrival into the country, she flicked the blizzard switch to ‘on’ and in no time at all, the snow was knee-deep.

Above is a video I shot shortly after getting off of the Wengernalpbahn train as it took me down the mountain from Kleine Schiedegg (6761ft) to Wengen. My original plan was to take the train all the way down the mountain, but when I saw people getting off the train a quarter of the way down, I decided to follow them. They were hikers, and in a matter of minutes, I discovered I was to. The video is five minutes of raw mutterings and stumbles through a cloud of snow. The snow wasn’t falling when I started to walk, but it quickly set in, making the experience rather exciting, which you might be able to detect in my voice. This genuinally was a step into the unknown for me, but I’m so glad I did it. Incidentally, I’m fully aware that the video is practically unwatchable due to camera shake. Despite this, I really wanted to share my experience with you so persevere and, hopefully, enjoy!