Super Rugby, Super Satay & YouTube

In which I go to see some Super Rugby, watch as YouTube splashes some colour onto the Opera House and I encounter a disgusting, yet loving Korean.

Sydney Football Stadium

20 March 2011 - 1141 Sydney, Australia

A day of doing absolutely nothing is on the cards. My endurance has been on the wane these past few days so I need a day to recover. The rugby last night was a good excursion. The standard of rugby was very poor but it was only AU$20 to see Super Rugby so it was worth it. I thought I’d be able to walk to the stadium from the hostel but with ten minutes to go before kick off, I hailed a cab to take me the rest of the way. Luckily the city lays on free non-stopping buses back to the centre after the match so the whole evening didn’t cost me too much.


Two new guys in the dorms; a guy from Argentina whose mind appeared to be frazzled by jet lag and a Korean whose first action was to head to the bathroom where he nosily hacked up and when asked how long he intended on staying in Sydney, he replied by telling me with palpable sincerity that he loved me. Brilliant stuff.

Opera House & Ferry


I’ve really enjoyed today! I’ve not anything! Seems killing time in a foreign country is much more fun than killing time back at home. I’ve had a good meal today of Chicken Satay and a lovely dressed salad (by good I also mean expensive). Pucker tucker. Now just listening to some music before heading out to the harbour. Seems YouTube is putting on a light display projected onto the opera house to the music of a full symphony orchestra playing inside. Should be good. Outside right now, the flying foxes have just woken up and are looking for their first meal.

Sydney by Night


The YouTube music and light show was good. Perhaps not as exciting as I had imagined but it was nice to see the opera house illuminated in colourful moving patterns. Normally, it’s barely even lit so I feel lucky to have seen it. That said, the weather was terrible. Blowing a gale, raining horizontally, the sea whipping up a frenzy. It was pretty bracing stuff. Autumn is truly upon the southern hemisphere.

Tomorrow, I leave the city altogether for the Blue Mountains. Time perhaps to dig out a sweater.