I am heading overseas soon and am looking for an appropriate bag. Something i can get through baggage on the plane but also not too large. it would have to have support (back and sholder) for i would be carrying it almost all the time. i have looked at rucksacks but they seem a little too large especially for me (i am quite petite). Do you know of any brands/bags/backpacks that would be suitable? what do you use?

Asked by rens-sheep-pillow

Hi. Great question.

The bag I use very much depends on where I’m going and how long I’m going for. On my fairly recent weekend to Paris, I took a small rucksack. Taking anything larger would have been pointless. I have a small suitcase on wheels that does a similar job but I wanted something informal that I could carry on my back and not have to worry about.

On long-haul trips of a few weeks or more, I have an 80-litre Hi Gear Adventure Trolley bag. All the bells and whistles of a backpack, but with a handle and wheels. I’ve never quite understood why backpackers opt to lug their stuff around on their backs when there are bags on wheels available that are often cheaper and do exactly the same job. The ‘Adventure’ bag has two large compartments with a few side pockets. If you pack sensibly and utilise the ‘roll’ packing technique, fitting in two weeks worth of clothes is a doddle.

Obviously, it’s down to personal preference which bag you get, but I’d go for a bag on wheels any day.