World's Largest McDonalds BBC Studios Coca-Cola Beat Box

Unseen Sights Of The Olympic Park

While the eyes of the world were firmly focused on the sporting venues throughout London and its Olympic Park, some buildings were only seen by ticket holders. If you weren’t one of the lucky ones, here are three buildings you may not have seen.

First up, we have McDonalds. There are four McDonalds restaurants in the Olympic park and this is the largest. And not just the largest in the park. It is the largest in the entire world! Two floors and an outer terrace seat 1,500 hungry spectators, served at any one time by 200 members of staff. While the media umm’d and ahh’d about the suitability of McDonalds’ involvement with the Olympics, there’s no denying it’s a nice looking building with a great looking interior. After the Paralympics, this will be bulldozed and Moscow will once again hold the title for ‘World’s Largest McDonalds’. Lucky them.

Next up, we have some old shipping containers stacked up in the middle of the park. Construction on the cheap or clever recycling? You decide. This was the BBC’s home for the games. Perched on the top are two studios. On the left is the fancy indoor BBC One studio while on the right is BBC Three’s less-fancy outdoor studio (aka, a gazebo). This location became the nighttime focus of the games. Spectators leaving their venues would congregate outside, cheering and waving at their sporting heros as they were interviewed on live tv. The BBC don’t hold the tv broadcast rights for the Paralympics, so this might be gone by the time I return to the park in a weeks time.

Lastly, we have the Coca-Cola Beat Box. There are several sponsor pavilions dotted about the park. This is allegedly the only one worth visiting. Loud music, lights, energetic dancing by beautiful young people and a rumour of a free coke at the end kept people queuing to get in and I’m sure that will still be the case next week.