Universal Studios Singapore

Yep, Singapore has a Universal Studios. It’s one of Singapore’s more expensive attractions, though if you go early on a weekday like I did, it actually works out to be good value. I didn’t have to queue once to get on anything. I went on the Battlestar Galactica ride 6 times in succession without any waiting at all.

I’ve arrived pretty late to the world of theme parks. We never really visited them when I was a kid. We went on big European road trips instead. While the park says nothing about the character and essence of Singapore (other than it’s home to a pretty awesome theme park), I had a great time. Sometimes, you have to put sightseeing to one side for a day and go and have a boogie with the Madagascar gang. Or fight Megatron. Or be swept downriver in Jurassic Park. Or be sneezed on by Donkey on Shrek 4D. Or come face to face with mummies. Or meet Big Bird. You know, that kind of thing.