Freshly-Squozen Sugar Cane Juice

The scene in the first photo of this set doesn’t exactly scream, “lovely place to eat and drink,” but don’t be fooled. Sure, there’s the burnt out shell of a building in the background and an ever-present procession of cars and vans passing by, but this is a local market, where real life happens. The stalls running along both sides of the road were packed with tables surrounded by locals eating Nasi Goreng and Nasi Lemak, washed down with the ice-filled cups of fresh juice.

I joined them briefly for a drink to get out of the hot midday sun. The chap sitting down the foreground of the first photo was very surprised to see me. Perhaps trade had been a little slow that morning. I stuck one finger in the air and he jumped into action, sticking an entire sugar cane into a mangle. The shredded remains of the cane came out one side, while fresh juice poured out of the other.

It’s surprising just how refreshing sugar cane juice is. I think most people would expect it to be overly sweet and sticky but it isn’t. So long as it’s fresh, it’s no sweeter than cola and just as thirst quenching.