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Fortaleza do Monte

The centre of the special administrative region of Macau in China as filmed from the top of the Fortaleza do Monte, a former military base and now home to the Museum of Macau. Shortly after the beginning of the film, you’ll see the ruins of St. Pauls while at the end, you’ll see a hideous highrise building housing one of Macau’s many hotels and casinos. 

Went to Macau ? I’m going to Hong Hong next month… Should I really go there? I know it’s close and easy to go from HK, people who travel in Hong Kong usually go there for a day. But I don’t know yet… And if u have some good hotels (or youth hostels) to recommend in Hong Kong, I would love to read this!

Have a great time !

Message from Cindy Helena

Thanks for getting in touch Cindy.

I would totally recommend going to Macau for the day. Obviously I did and it blew my mind. The fusion of Portuguese and Chinese culture is fascinating. The central streets are picturesque and clean and there’s a real buzz about the place. There’s plenty of things to see and do and getting there from Hong Kong is so easy and such good value, you’d be silly not to visit.

As for places to stay in Hong Kong, I opted for Y-Loft at Youth Square. It’s a bit of a way outside the city centre but if you don’t mind riding the tube every day, I’d recommend it. On offer are large en-suite twin rooms with all the trimmings (TV, fridge, balcony etc.) for very little money. They call themselves a hostel, but really this is a modern 3-4 star quality hotel. Check it out!

Cindy got in touch using the contact form. If you have any questions about anything you see on this blog, please do the same. I’d love to hear from you.

Rua de São Paulo

One of my favourite videos from my Grand Colonial Tour is this one, presented to you in glorious High Definition (so long as you select it). It’s a three minute long stroll down Rua de São Paolo in the wonderfully bizarre territory of Macau, China.

A Turbo(JET) Visit To Macau

In which I spend a day in the bizarre, yet very special Administrative Region of Macau, China.

Portugal Style

16 April 2011 - 1100 Hong Kong

In five minutes, the TurboJet hydrofoil ferry I’m currently sat on leaves for Macau (or to give it its full title, Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China), my last territory on this trip. I’m really looking forward to today. HK hasn’t been the mix of British and Chinese culture that I was expecting. It’s China through and through. According to the photos I’ve seen, Macau looks like it’ll offer a more noticeable mix of culture, that being Chinese and Portuguese. Street names are in Portuguese and buildings are in a Portuguese style… Well, let’s see shall we.

If the way the boat is crashing into the pier is anything to go by, it might be a fun hour long cruise. That said, it’s a modern turbo-engined boat so we may well cut through any choppy waters.

Departure is already delayed. The captain is revving the engine but passengers are still ambling down the gangway.

Very comfortable onboard. Nice window seat & air-con. All good.

Med Style

1309 Macau

Arrived in Macau. Mopeds and written Portuguese everywhere.


Flip! This place is messed up. The Portuguese language is much more prominent here than English is in HK. The style of architecture is overwhelmingly Portuguese down to the streets being tiled in black and white waves. It’s a truly bizarre experience. I’m on the third floor of this pokey restaurant awaiting some genuine Macanese tucker. I could choose from Portuguese, Chinese or Macanese menus. Seemed right to go for a combination. My Wonton has arrived. There’s ten on the plate. Oh boy!



Wonton were good. Bring on the main. I have rice with shredded chicken and vegetables. Yep, rice again!


So much rice! A whole plate full of egg fried rice with mystery vegetables and diced chicken. Yum!

Santa Casa da Misericórdia


This is such a unique place. So much going on, so much to see. And it’s completely packed! Macau seems to embrace it’s tourism industry much more than HK, having put up a lot of directional and informative signs and notices. And people seemingly flock here as a result of their efforts. Particularly busy are the various beef jerky shops. Each one gives out free samples but every shop was so busy, I couldn’t even get close to trying some. Resting on the steps of one of the city’s catholic cathedrals.


And that was my whistle stop day in Macau. I’m now back at the ferry terminal, having got here on a very cramped bus. I went to Macau expecting a mix of Portugal and China and I’m going away not having been disappointed. I’m really surprised at how prominent the Portuguese language is still. Portuguese flags still fly in some places. I cannot recommend enough a visit to Macau. It’s somewhere I’d love to return to one day. What an extraordinary place.

Back now to HK for a light supper and to reflect on a brilliant day!


2034 Hong Kong

Just had a lovely chat with a local couple on the tube. They were interested in why I was in HK. Their baby saw my iPod and said ‘Apple’. The grisly impact of capitalism. Even babies aren’t safe. :)


Had a slice of Tiramisu from the cake shop I went to before. It was actually very good. Well done China. Also good was the Melon Tea with Seaweed Jelly I had earlier.