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In The Veins Of Death Valley


Birds Of Tokyo


Birds Of Tokyo

Early last year, I was introduced to the awesome sound of Aussie band Birds Of Tokyo. This was shortly before I embarked on my Grand Colonial Tour of Asia and Australasia. Whilst on the first leg of the trip from London to Singapore, we flew over the Himalayas and hit some nasty turbulence. To relieve my worry, I headed for the music section of my entertainment screen and found to my delight the entire Birds of Tokyo album.

Here for your listening pleasure is the song I chose at random. This is what I call my ‘turbulence tune’.

Whilst it’s a fantastic song, it’s only today I’ve realised it contains the line, “…good luck, you’re finished for sure.” In retrospect, it was short-sighted of me to choose a song called “In The Veins Of Death Valley” to counter my turbulence-induced panic.

So what would help you through a bumpy flight? Leave a comment or send me a message.

You can find out more about Birds Of Tokyo on their website.