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This weekend, I’m visiting Helsinki in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia.

I got here via Norwegian Air Shuttle, a low-cost and mostly no-frills airline that gets you from A to B. Norwegian differs from the likes of RyanAir and EasyJet though in two ways; everyone gets a comfortable leather seat and everyone gets free on-board WIFI. Being able to share photos on Facebook whilst 11,000 up in the air was very enjoyable and made the short journey fly by.

I can’t say the overall experience with Norwegian sparkled, but they got the job done efficiently and got me to my destination safely (despite the best efforts of some very windy conditions upon arrival). Considering what I paid for my fare, I can’t really ask for more.

Singapore To Sydney By A380

In which I enjoy a lovely breakfast at Changi Airport before boarding the mighty A380.

MRT Carriage

15 March 2011 - 0705 Singapore

At Pasir Ris MRT station waiting for a connection to Changi Airport. I’m off again. Someone dared to cross the yellow line on the platform edge. They had a whistle blown at them. Seems they’re constructing a new platform barrier and they don’t want anyone near it until the train arrives.


Changi Airport is very nice. Just had Kaya toast, 2 soft boiled eggs and hot Milo for breakfast. A really great way to start what promises to be a rather boring day.


My god, the A380 is massive!!! It’s actually beautiful. Sucking on a sweet offered to me by a passport control officer. Imagine that! Where else in the world would that happen?



I’m on board. Really lovely inside. Very clean and spacious. Nicely furnished. Captain just said theres a delay of 45 minutes as they’re having to change the front wheel. The entire front wheel. Apparently, the pilot drove too far forward at the gate. Bodes well.


And we’re off. A slow, lumbering take-off. Really eerie. I watched the take-off on skycam, the forward-facing camera built into the tail of the plane. Bit bumpy so far, but an amazing widescreen entertainment system is keeping me distracted. All my top ten tv shows are on. Watching The Office USA right now, with Family Guy to follow, then 30 Rock. Meal is being dished out. Plane is half empty. Of the 10 seats on my row, 6 are free. People are napping across berths of 4 seats. I have my feet up on the seat to my right. The cabin would be really spacious anyway, but with such a low passenger tally, it’s cavernous.

Sydney! I’m coming.

Your Questions Answered (Second Edition)

Here’s another search engine Q&A rally.

Is Geneva in the Northern or Southern hemisphere?

According to maps, Geneva is very much within the Northern hemisphere. You’ll find it in Switzerland, which is in Europe.

Why won’t people let the Olympic torch group?

Hmmm. I didn’t realise the Olympic torch had the desire to group. Group with whom? I’d say, judging by the number of Chinese paramilitary soldiers who ran along with the torch on its global relay, the torch’s needs were met. There was definitely a large group of them surrounding the torch, thus the torch was a part of a group. I’m only guessing here, but whoever wanted to stop the torch from grouping, failed.

What happens to the Olympic torch when finished?

The torch bearers on this year’s relay were all allowed to keep their torches. Any left will no doubt be sold to whoever wants one.

What things should I take on a trip to Switzerland in Summer?

Start with an empty bag, and then think about what items you might need while on your trip. Then, find those items and put those items inside the bag. You might find writing a list helpful. In all seriousness though, I’m guessing you’re asking what weather conditions you should be prepared for. Switzerland’s climate is notoriously changeable, so you should be prepared to cope with all types of weather conditions. Layers are the way to go. Take t-shirts, thick jumpers and rain coats, because you’ll probably need them all. Particularly in the mountains, the nights can still get fairly chilly in the summer. And if you go up high enough, the days can be very cold.

What’s the best place to sit for first time flyers?

I’d recommend sitting in the middle of the plane, regardless of whether you’re a first time flyer or not. The middle is said to be the most comfortable section to sit in as the wings control the steadiness when the plane hits turbulence.

Which countries were in the path of the Olympic torch relay?

In chronological order; Greece, China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, United Kingdom, France, United States, Tanzania, Oman, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, China.