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Oishii! (Delicious!)

And a little bit ‘utsukushii’ (beautiful)

Sushi. It’s not just tasty, fresh and good for you. It’s also incredibly photogenic. Indeed, Japanese cuisine as a whole just begs you to take photos of it. The high degree of skill and care that goes into the preparation of it combines nicely with the unique and vibrantly coloured ingredients.

These photos were taken on numerous visits to Yo! Sushi, a UK-based sushi chain. If you’ve never been for sushi, cast aside your preconceptions. It’s not just raw fish! In the photos featured in this set, we have a Crispy Duck Futomaki, a Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll, Vegetable Futomaki (v), Duck Udon Soup & Takoyaki (crispy battered octopus balls). All of these dishes contain cooked meat. There are plenty of options for vegetarians and people who don’t like seafood, so give it a try!